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GWHA Membership Application Forms

Applications for membership may only be submitted by downloading the application form, completing it and mailing it in with your check. 

Click here to download a form to complete, print, and mail with your check.


The Good Will Home Association (GWHA) is a 501(c)(3) Membership Organization doing business as Good Will-Hinckley. All active and present Members have the following voting rights:

a)       Election of a slate of Directors to fill the seats of those Directors whose term is due to expire at each annual meeting of the Members;
b)      Any other matter that the Directors, in their sole discretion, elect to submit for approval by vote of the Members.
The Annual meeting is usually held the first Saturday of August on the Good Will-Hinckley campus. GWHA Members must be present to participate.
Membership Criteria:
Membership in the GWHA is open to any person who is at least eighteen years of age who is interested and committed to the purposes of this corporation. Membership terms for all Members shall correspond with the fiscal year, September 1 – August 31. Memberships are one year renewable annually, and shall become (or remain) Members upon payment of Membership dues of $50.00 per fiscal year and annual completion of the GWHA Member form. Failure to maintain Membership (dues and member form) for two consecutive years shall disqualify the Member from Membership. If you are interested in becoming a new Member, please click here to access the membership applications.

News & Updates

Dear GWHA Member:

At Good Will-Hinckley, teaching our students the value of a strong community is central to our mission and we are always thankful for the support you and our community offer us.  This has been a very exciting year. The historic Charles E. Moody School reopened on September 8, 2015 to 125 students and our enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year has increased as well.    

Today, I invite you to become a member of our Good Will Home Association (GWHA) and reawaken the spirit you once felt here as a student, staff member, or dear friend.  


Good Will Home Association Members are the livelihood of our school; bonding together to enhance the lives of students who are currently in our programs and those students who will be attending in the future.

As a member of the Good Will Home Association your $50 membership fee has a direct effect on the continuing strength of Good Will-Hinckley.  Your membership allows us to provide a safe and stable environment through positive and motivational educational experiences which in turn attends to the physical, vocational, moral, and spiritual development of our students.  Your membership also includes the right to elect directors whose terms expire at the Annual Meeting on August 6, 2016 and be a voice for Good Will-Hinckley.


If you’ve been away from campus for a while, you will find it as charming as ever.  Our students have been busy taking advantage of the many activities that GWH offers.  In November we held our annual Community/Home Night and Banner Challenge.  Like in years past, each cottage creates a skit.  However, this year the boys of Hall Cottage took home the 2015 title which the girls in Pike Cottage have held for the past few years.  It was finally a victory for the boys!                                                                                                            

December brought our 23rd annual Festival of Trees which was well attended and showcased the beauty of Prescott as well as the season to visitors from near and far.                                                                                

Students’ Maple Syrup unit is complete and once again over 1000 gallons of sap was processed!  This is by far the most syrup produced by MeANS! They are learning to work with bees, as well as mastering blacksmithing.  Our greenhouses are in full operation where students and staff are working hard to bring fresh, quality, pesticide-free produce into our community and campus meals year round.

SAVE THE DATE! Once again, we are looking forward to KUM BAK,  the annual return of Good Will-Hinckley Alumni and friends on August 6, 2016 weekend. On that day we will also have our fifth graduating class of 11 seniors from the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences (MeANS). 

If you still have not renewed your 2015-2016 membership please know it’s not too late.  Just fill out the enclosed membership form and return it in the reply envelope provided.  And as always, if you would like a copy of the bylaws sent to you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Our Committee, staff and youth are excited about welcoming you back home in August.  We are always proud to show how our Good Will Home Association Members, like you, are truly making a difference in the lives of our students by providing them with opportunities for a better education, a stronger family, a healthier life, and a more secure future.

Warm regards,

Jack Moore
Good Will-Hinckley Board of Directors

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