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The College Step-Up Program at Good Will - Hinckley exists to serve youth who need a supportive environment and are driven to realize the tremendous potential that resides in us all.  Armed with compassion and a fierce sense of commitment, the CSU staff maintain a strategic focus on each student, helping them to develop the tools necessary to further their education, improve life skills, and create a strong network of significant adults who can provide for them a sense of relational permanence. We pride ourselves on our courageous authenticity, and our student-centered, goal-directed, and evidence-informed approach.


  • Students receive the academic and life skill support they need to obtain a degree or certification from Kennebec Valley Community College (KVCC) or  another local college or certificate program
  • Students are engaged with their community through mentors and meaningful work
  • Students are encouraged to maintain and/or create life-long ties with supportive adults who will sustain them long after they leave our program
  • Year-round housing on the Good Will-Hinckley campus, which is adjacent to KVCC’s new state-of-the-art campus
  • An academic coach who works in partnership with KVCC staff to guide students through academic remediation needs and college classes
  • Connection to a mentor from the local community who will provide organization and job-readiness skills
  • Life skills development
  • Leadership and community service opportunities


  • Have obtained a high school diploma or GED
  • Are interested in attending KVCC,  another local college, or a certificate program
  • Want to be part of a supportive learning community
  • Welcome the academic and life skill support offered
  • Are looking to develop a network of supports


The three components of the CSU Triad are:

Education is at the top of our CSU Triad and is the core of our program.  Obtaining a post-secondary education assists students with creating a more productive and lucrative future.  To that end, we are committed to helping students plan an appropriate course of study.  CSU staff also work with students and their professors to set them on a path that will lead to educational success. 

Life Skills are another important ingredient in the recipe for a student’s success in the CSU Program.  Obtaining a post-secondary degree/certificate and living independently takes a strong set of life skills.  Attendance at Life Skills classes is a requirement of all CSU students.  It is in these classes that students learn skills that help them become more independent and self-reliant. Some of the areas taught in Life Skills classes include: money management, problem-solving, decision-making, medication management, communication, time management, and household management.

Network Development – It is a proven fact that people need people.  Whether it’s a friend that always listens, a caseworker, or a family member, nobody has lasting success in life without relying on others from time to time.  As such, CSU advisors assist students with developing a network of peers and adults that will become life-long ties.


CSU students reside in a safe dorm-like setting where they enjoy their own bedroom,  shared living space, and a large student common area for studying, playing games or watching movies with their peers.  In addition, students have access to Good Will-Hinckley’s beautiful thousand acre campus, hiking trails and outdoor courts.


CSU staff are caring and committed individuals who have a wide range of expertise and experience in helping youth succeed in academics and life.  In order to be successful, CSU Advisors work with students each semester to set goals in the three areas of the CSU Triad.


                Gary Dugal                                                                      Corey Dickey                                                     Renee Gray


Funding sources for students vary and may include, but are not limited to: V9 funds, ETV funds, Adoption Assistance funding, Alumni Transition Grant, and private pay. For more discussion about funding, please contact Lisa Sandy, Admissions Director at (207) 238-4034.

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Feel free to contact Lisa Sandy, Admissions Director, at (207) 238-4034 or via email at


To apply to the College Step-Up Program, please complete and submit the application and three letters of reference to: 

Lisa Sandy
Admissions Director
Good Will-Hinckley
P.O. Box 159
Hinckley, ME  04944

Phone: 207.238.4034
Fax:  207.238.4007

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