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The Glenn Stratton Learning Center


The Glenn Stratton Learning Center Day School (GSLC) on the Good Will-Hinckley campus offers educational services to students in grades kindergarten through twelve who experience significant social-emotional and behavioral challenges.  Individualized and small group instruction geared to Maine State Learning Results is provided within a consistent behavioral structure and therapeutic milieu.

Our Approach

Through a child centered, collaborative team approach, each student's academic, behavioral and social-emotional needs are considered and a plan implemented and again revised in response to a students' progress.  Students who attend GSLC are placed through their public schools' IEPT process and are likely to demonstrate the need for an intensive, highly structured and integrated therapeutic and educational approach appropriate to behavior change.  The Individual Education Plan (IEP) developed in conjunction with the child's sending school, parents, student and GSLC staff is a guiding document outlining goals to work towards for the school year.  Family/guardian participation is expected and encouraged through participation in family counseling, on-going social worker/teacher/staff contact and through attendance at team meetings and IEPT meetings.  Parent/guardian input is listened to and valued.  Our students meet success when all key people in their lives communicate and work together. Students experience a full day of programming within a 4-1 student/staff ratio.  In addition to core academics, students participate in social skills groups, art, physical activities and hands on learning. 

Students' Success

The success of our students at GSLC depends upon the whole school and family community.  Through a unified, child centered and focused approach; the clinician, a master's level social worker, works with teachers, school staff, family and community providers to identify areas of strength and needs.  Communication between all involved is vital and, to that end, twice weekly clinical meetings are held with staff to assure that individual student and family needs are considered, updated student information is provided and potential problems are addressed proactively.  In addition, the clinician is an integral part of the school program, being in classrooms, working with students individually, meeting with families and students together, and collaborating with teachers.  There is one unified approach.  Parents, schools and community agencies are involved through individual contact, clinical service plan meetings, family work and educational meetings.  Clinical work will focus upon brief, solution based therapy with the student in order to increase the student's adjustment to the school setting and contribute to their overall success in an academic setting with the goal to move forward to a public school or another less restrictive setting.

Admission Criteria

Candidates for admission to the Glenn Stratton Learning Center have been recommended through the sending school district's IEPT process for day treatment services.  Students who attend GSLC are likely to demonstrate the ability to benefit from an intensive and integrated therapeutic and educational approach to behavior change.  Students are admitted to the program through an intake and interview process.  Referrals may be made by calling (207) 238-4200.

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